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Ready to Use!

KON.it is

KON.it is a real innovative Social Learning environment for digital people and organisations. KON stands for Knowledge On the Net and it is born from the long experience in e-learning of Italdata S.p.A. It is much more than an LMS where you can learn from a structured training process, a wbt, a webinar, a teacher.

KON.it wants

KON.it wants to help the Companies and you to facilitate the knowledge transfer and sharing, the collaborative working about specific tasks, the search of contents and experts. It boosts the problem solving, reduces the knowledge gap and improves the learning from each other in the digital KONmunities.

KON.it harmonises

KON.it is an open social learning tool helping you to learn from structured knowledge and informal collective intelligence….and, if you want, you can also integrate it with your own LMS. It harmonises the Learning Management System, Social Networking, Tin Can, Search engine, Business Intelligence, Mobile, HTML 5 and Cloud technologies to provide a better integrated online service, fast to setup, modular and scalable.

KON.it offers

  • Social learning services, ready to use
  • Based on the subscription chosen (Standard or Enterprise) by the Customer, KON configures the related services of Learning, and Social Monitoring, active domain customer and enabled users, setup and branding for the duration of the subscription.
  • Digital Content creation
  • KON.it offers its services to "Istructional Designing" and content factory to assist the customer in the creation of digital content for Social e-learning environments.
  • Support and managed services
  • In Standard and Enterprise subscriptions are already available Helpdesk Level II services. On a project basis may be configured and dimensioned secretarial services, education, moderation, tutoring.
  • Bespoke Software
  • The services of KON.it can be strongly integrated within customer processes and customized to allow a greater adaptation to user needs. On project basis the KON.it team offers this level of personal service.

KONtact us

Email: info@italdata.it
KON.it by Italdata S.p.A.
AVELLINO:Collina Liguorini
Centro Direzionale Edificio D
83100 Avellino, AV - Italy
ROMA: Viale Liegi n. 10
00198 Roma, RM - Italy
MILANO: Viale Sarca n. 223
20126 Milano, MI - Italy

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